Case Studies

Large-Scale Automation Project

Our client is a leading wire and cable manufacturer in the Southeast which recently won an award to provide services to several Walmart and Target facilities. They needed 15 Maintenance and Automation Technicians across 4 work sites within a 90-day period.
The Mission
We put in our RFP and within 2 weeks we had a signed contract with the newly appointed Director of HR and was on a 1-day conference call with 5 Hiring Managers to gain insight into the culture, desired skillset and interviewing and onboarding process of this major project.
Crown Technical Staffing’s technical search team worked to establish a pipeline of 10-15 candidates per site for a total of 50 viable Maintenance Technicians. These Technicians worked at direct competitors and tangential industries that met the criteria for each site. 50 Candidates were identified and screened by CTS’s search team, with less than half introduced to the client.
The Result
In the end, we placed 15 Maintenance and Automation Technicians, with a variety of PLC/HMI and Programming experience across 4 states. Our client ended their year ahead of schedule to fulfill the needs of one of their largest orders to-date.
Medical Device Manufacturer
This client had a major downturn in staff during Covid and was slowly but surely adding to staff amidst the new surge in medical device needs in the following years. Our client is one of the leading medical device manufacturers that serves the wound care and drug delivery marketplaces. With a newly developed Engineering Team, they needed a company that could help them find a Manufacturing Engineering Manager that would be instrumental in developing future products for this growing brand.
The Mission

Crown Technical Staffing’s executive search team became the go-to agency to help find this candidate. This was the 1st time this company had used an executive search firm for their direct hire needs, so the utmost care and importance were placed on finding the right person. They were looking for a Manufacturing Engineering Manager to lead the new department with an emphasis being placed on having lead teams of Engineers and having prior experience working with Pharma and/or Medical Device Manufacturers in the past.

The Result
The specific insights we drew and the alignment we found in the early days of this search created clarity and little need for specification iteration as the search developed. Our team rigorously mapped the market for candidates whose attributes were attuned to the needs of our client.
After tens of interviews, we submitted a total of 4 seasoned candidates for consideration for the role. We worked with our client to identify a candidate, that was local to the area, and had worked with similar companies. Although, this was the 1st direct hire in this department, it was not the last, and the relationship has led to numerous job placements across their Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain Teams.
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Our client is one of the leading Industrial Machinery Manufacturers within the Paper and Pulp industries. Their previous methods of obtaining talent for their Field Service Engineering roles, was to post job descriptions on national job boards and depend on the 2-3 person HR team to vet candidates. With company growth on the horizon, they knew rather quickly that their time and money would be better spent working with a direct hire placement firm that specialized in these roles.
The Mission

The technical recruitment team at CTS met with hiring managers and the Director of HR to devise a plan to quickly staff 3 Field Service Engineer openings in the Midwest region. This was one of their hardest regions to staff, due to the dearth of competitors and the desired pay range. These individuals needed to be “road warriors” and desired up to 95% travel both domestically and internationally.

The Result
CTS’s continuous iteration approach and its close partnership allowed the client to receive the feedback that we needed to raise the hourly salary to better compete in this market for skilled FSE’s. After consulting with all hiring managers involved in the process, we also decided to change the scope of work that these individuals were doing to better align with the company’s goals. This was done after having 29 conversations with potential candidates and utilizing the market data to better inform our client. It quickly dawned on us why this had been a region that had been so hard for the client to find viable candidates.
Thankfully, the changes were made, and we submitted 10 candidates that displayed the necessary skillsets for this role. They choose 3 of the 10 presented to them and quickly made offers which were all accepted. We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach and our client was very appreciative of our speed and attention to detail.

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